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6 Ideas on Boosting Curb Appeal For your Rental Property or Sale

6 Tips on Boosting Your Property Curb Appeal

As a property management company in the Inland Empire, we experience a lot of different situations when getting ready to rent or buy an investment property for our clients. It is important to make the home look good in order to appeal to good tenants or potential buyers. Whether you have a property for rent or selling an investment property, there is nothing like making your house look as good as you can to increase eyeballs, desirability, and likeability of the property. Here are 6 easy tips anyone can do to boost curb appeal and get people interested.


5 Ways To Attract Tenants To Apply To Your Rental Property Ads

A rental property Ad can give an owner a great response, or one that is dismal, providing just a few tenants to choose from. This, of course, can make the decision-making process feel frustrating.  As a property management company in the Inland Empire, in Southern CA, we want a good amount of tenants to respond to our ad so that we have a good pool to choose from. With a larger amount of tenants to choose from, we can obtain what we feel are good quality tenants, that will stay in our rental property for the long term.

Here are 5 ways to attract tenants to apply to your rental property, to ensure a good response.


5 Smart Reasons To Let A Property Manager Market Your Rental Home

In this article, we have chosen 5 smart reasons you should let a property management company market your rental home. There is no right or wrong decision, however, time, money, response, and the quality of applicants should be additional factors in deciding whether you should just let a pro do it. Below are 5 smart reasons that make it worth every penny.


8 Tips for Rental Property Investors to Help Avoid Hard Falls and Traps

Rental Property investing will continue to make investors’ money as a main business and as a side hustle for some extra cheese. Some will need a helmet for the possible pit falls and traps that lie ahead. Those who educate themselves, have realistic expectations going into it, and know their risk tolerance will fare better chances of a positive outcome.

Here are 8 tips that provide good insight to avoid some hard falls and traps.


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