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How To Deal With Hoarding Tenants

How to Deal with Hoarding Tenants

So, you find yourself looking at your rental property much too late, and it has been trashed. This could be the cause of two things, a rhino, which would almost be impossible to get through a good screening process, or a hoarder tenant. Ahhh hoarder, this sounds like it might be it. Hoarders pose a danger to your property, but most importantly their own safety, and yes, sanitation, cleanliness and clean air for occupants. Hoarders are real and the damage they cause can be immense for an owner. Many times a hoarder can be screened, especially through a property management company who has professional screening tools. Our property management company in Corona CA, Signature Sales & Management, searches for items such as disturbance of neighbors, destruction of property, or any bad living or housekeeping habits. Remember hoarding is now a protected class, so be careful

In this article, we will read how to deal with a hoarder, and provide you with some insight, especially if it leads to an eviction.


Best Advice For Buying And Selling Real Estate


Best Advice on Buying and Selling Real Estate Text: 

Buying and selling real estate can be confusing to some, and can leave people feeling somewhat confused and disenchanted. There are a lot of mixed opinions on buying and selling real estate. In this blog post, we interviewed a licensed agent with Signature Sales & Management, Joanna Murillo for real estate sales and buying advice for Orange County and the Inland Empire. This post is not an exact translation of the video, and we suggest you watch the video for additional advice and information. When buying or selling real estate try to collect as much information as possible, and educated yourself on the processes involved.

Aleks: Today we are going aside from property management content and are going to look into the buying and selling of real estate.

To give us a better perspective of buying and selling real estate, I have with me Joanna Murillo, a rock star agent with Signature Sales and Management. How are you?


A Broken HVAC Can Kill Your Rental Property Cash Flow Get Tips Now

For rental property management and rental properties, preventative maintenance is part of the bigger picture of cost savings.  The HVAC system, if not looked after, can cost you a pretty penny. So you have had your rental property for a while, and or, the house is older, and you’re not sure how old the HVAC system is. All of a sudden the tenant calls in the middle of summer, or winter and tells you the air or heat won’t come on. Murphy’s Law says that “Anything that can go wrong will”. Your HVAC system is a big part of your rental business, believe it or not. It is what attracts tenants. It is what keeps tenants happy, and happy tenants pay rent. A broken HVAC system can be a big expense for landlords if the system is not routinely checked or inspected.

If you get your HVAC check by a professional, All HVAC System Checks Should Include


6 Ideas on Boosting Curb Appeal For your Rental Property or Sale

6 Tips on Boosting Your Property Curb Appeal

As a property management company in the Inland Empire, we experience a lot of different situations when getting ready to rent or buy an investment property for our clients. It is important to make the home look good in order to appeal to good tenants or potential buyers. Whether you have a property for rent or selling an investment property, there is nothing like making your house look as good as you can to increase eyeballs, desirability, and likeability of the property. Here are 6 easy tips anyone can do to boost curb appeal and get people interested.


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