Rental Property and flooring go hand in hand, like ice cream and toppings. So what are the best toppings for a rental property and rental property management that will save time and money, and increase the value of the rental property? Ahhhhh what will save me money, provide the most longevity, and help me recoup costs when its time to sell the property? An age old question. Now it’s time to ponder for a second, sip your coffee, star at the sky with your fist upon your chin, and question life as a landlord. Ok maybe it’s not that difficult, or that type of question to ponder, but hey, it’s still a question when it comes to your rental property and what options are available. So let’s ask this rental property management company about some options.

Option 1 Carpet flooring for your rental property

Well it’s nice on the feet, soft, and can help to keep the electric bill down as insulation. Low electric bills, more money for rent, right? Another great aspect is that it cuts down on noise. Dark carpet, or speckled carpet can help hide dirt and stains. Good for all over the house, and can be inexpensive to buy and replace.

Cons: For bathrooms we will need a different option, as we don’t want mold. Carpet stains really easy, especially if you have renters who don’t clean the stain, upon its creation. Carpet is not too pet friendly.  Carpet needs to be cleaned periodically, and that can run up a bill to have it done twice a year. Still not a bad option, considering the cost of different carpets, padding, installation, and cleaning. Long periods of time require carpet to be replaced. In the event you should sell the property, replacing the carpet and the added costs might just be inevitable.

Option 2 Tile flooring for your rental property

Very durable and pretty much works well all the time. Good for resale if you choose larger good looking tiles, but there are many options. You can tile the whole house, but for resale, that might not be the best idea. It is great for wet environments and does not absorb water. Tile lasts a long time and does not scratch. Great for pets

Cons: Cold and hard on the feet. Can be very noisy, and bad for insulation. Costly to purchase and install. Needs to be cleaned periodically, especially the grout.

Option 3 Vinyl flooring for your rental property

Hey, hey, hey the 80’s called. All you need now is an avocado refrigerator. This is actually not a bad option. Very affordable, good for water, bathrooms, and wet environments. Lasts a long time, and they do have luxury vinyl options for better aesthetics. Easy to install, and can replaced just as inexpensively if old or damaged.

Cons: If you have ever moved a couch, or something with sharper feet across it, you will know it can rip, tear, and or be gouged very easily. Renters have been known to do this while moving in or out. Vinyl can be fixed quite easily, so maybe it’s not that bad. Because it is an affordable low cost option, it will not boost the value of the property for resale. Some owners who might want to buy it, to move into, when it goes up for sale, might think they may have to replace the flooring when they move in, and thus making it a slight resale headache.

Option 4 Wood flooring for your rental property.

Great for resale and can boost the overall value of the property. Look at distressed wood flooring as an option, it might even look the same after a few scratches or dings. Easy to clean, can be sanded and restored, and well, can last a long, long time. I am sure many tenants would love this option. There are other options such as laminates and engineered hardwoods, and these are great too. Just do some research to find which is the best option for you. The photo below is distressed wood in the kitchen.

Cons: It’s a pricey option upfront, both product and installation, but in the long run, could recoup costs 100% upon resale. If not property cared for by the tenant of your rental property, such as using the wrong cleaning agents, can actually damage the floor. But once again, it can be restored, and look good as new at a cost to the owner. Not good for insulation, but hey, it looks good and is great for resale.

Have you read about cork flooring, that is a great option, however not for all rooms in the house. I can go on and on with flooring options, but these are the popular ones. For any rental property, flooring is a question that begs to be answered in favor of the landlord for costs and resale value, and comfortability for the renter. Sometimes we want to make sure it is an appealing option to tenants, but if it looks good, and each room functions well, with its flooring options, a renter will be happy to move in, and the owner happy to know it all payed off in the long run.

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Posted by: Signature Team on January 2, 2018