6 Tips on Boosting Your Property Curb Appeal

As a property management company in the Inland Empire, we experience a lot of different situations when getting ready to rent or buy an investment property for our clients. It is important to make the home look good in order to appeal to good tenants or potential buyers. Whether you have a property for rent or selling an investment property, there is nothing like making your house look as good as you can to increase eyeballs, desirability, and likeability of the property. Here are 6 easy tips anyone can do to boost curb appeal and get people interested.

  1. Clean Up The Yard

I know this sounds basic, but you would be surprised how many times we have a new property under management and when we get there to review it, it needs some basic clean up to make it pop. A good gardener can cut some bushes back, trim the grass, get rid of some tree limbs, rake the leaves, and clean up some much-needed areas. This can also be done by the owner, of course. Sometimes it’s just a matter of laying down some mulch, or wood chips to make a flower bed stand out, or hide some of those unwanted weeds. Whether it’s for rent, or for sale, this can enhance the property’s appeal, especially in the spring.

  1. Add Some Color

Sometimes having an easy yard with minimal plants for upkeep is nice, but to boost the appeal, we need color. Add some flowers for much-needed contrast. Maybe just a flower box or two. Add some hanging plants by the front door to make the porch stand out, or even just plant a nice tree in the yard. Paint the front door, and create a stand out looking entry. Hanging plants and a newly painted front door scream welcome, come on in. If you do paint the front door, make sure to use outdoor paint. Remove the hardware, paint it, and add a welcome mat for a finishing touch. Just seems more inviting.

  1. Pressure Wash The Exterior

Over time dirt and mildew build up in the places that can make your property look old and tired. Cracks and crevices, doorways, outdoor shutters, cement, patios, decks, fences and everywhere else you can think of. Make that dirt go away and make that home look good. A pressure washer is not that expensive to rent. Using one and cleaning up can also help the longevity of your home. It is a good way to maintain the life and value, and at the same time, make it look appealing and inviting.

  1. Lighting

You are probably not surprised by this. I have gone into homes where the lights are dim, it is dark and I think to myself, do vampires live here? Should I turn back now? All jokes set aside, when you walk into a home, you want to see the home and the features of the home. A little light can go a long way. Light up those features, and let the light do its magic.  Showcasing your home in the light just makes it more appealing, and put a positive spin on the inside of the home. Add some low-cost solar lights to the front yard, and for the backyard, just type in string lights in a search, and get some cool ideas for café style lighting.

  1. Review Repairs

Look around the house. Make a checklist of everything that needs fixing. Not that you need to do it all at once, but some are more important and visible than others, especially in the front of the house. Maybe some bricks are missing, maybe your doorbell is broken, or the front window is cracked. Some of these items can be fixed in a relatively short period of time, and at low cost. Think of what would come as a priority vs. items like a cracked door frame on the side of the house. Check door knobs, window locks, fence, cabinet doors, sinks, light switches etc. Some of the items do not take much time to fix. Take an inventory of items you feel would be important to you as a renter or buyer of a property.

  1. Repaint Your Numbers

Every house has an address, and these numbers are on the curb, and or on the house. Repaint them, or put a newly designed sign to increase the visibility of the address. Both of these options can increase the sheik effect of the home and are very low cost.

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Posted by: Signature Team on May 1, 2018