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Five Ways To Attract Tenants To Apply To Your Rental Property

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Photos of the Best Features

Every rental property listing features photos. Many times when we see these photos, they are in the front of the house, the kitchen, the living room and sometimes a backyard. However, are these the features that your potential tenants care about? The features to highlight can be both from a design perspective and a functional perspective. If the backyard is large, with a covering, and designed well, then yes include this in the photo. If it is a small space with no covering and all cement, then maybe this is not the ideal photo to use. Just because you have a backyard does not mean you need to use it in a photograph meant for marketing. Think of the space, its design, functional qualities, usefulness and how it would look to a potential renter.

Show photos of your rental property with new appliances, Jacuzzi tub, storage space, spacious master bedroom, or new wood flooring. Think of features that make the best representation of the property, and that differentiate your property from others on the market. This can also add value to substantiate the rent.

Use High-Quality Images

There is nothing worse than looking at photos of rentals that are grainy, pixelated and bad quality. In the world of marketing, your photo quality can make a nice home look like a bad place to live. There are different size options on almost every camera and or phone in today’s marketplace. This allows you to select a larger size to ensure when the photo is used, it doesn’t become pixelated and or grainy.  Select the larger size or the size that works best, making the photo look sharp and the property space desirable.

Another idea is to place the photos in a collage style, where two photos can be seen at once. This allows anyone to see the same room from two different vantage points in the same photo.

Virtual Tours

In today’s marketing world video is almost expected, and or preferred. With social media sites like Facebook, a video is overwhelmingly popular. Video allows people to get a better perspective of a property. The best videos have people in it. It can show more dimension as a person walks through the property showing the various features. Video can provide reality to an end user who is viewing the video. Photos are great but they are static, whereas video provides a real-world view of the property space. It isn’t one or the other. Use both photo and video to enhance the value of your rental property.

Use Data

People like a property where they have the option to walk, and or places are relatively close. Maybe just discuss the closeness of the grocery store, freeway entrance, or schools. Even school data can be great for families looking to rent near good schools.

Use tenant testimonials

What a better way to talk about how great your property is than to use testimonials from those who have lived in it. Before a tenant leaves, ask them about your property and what features they enjoyed most. Ask them if you can use their testimonial as a way to attract the next tenant. Everyone likes different things about a property. This will provide insight into 1 point of view, but a point of view from someone with firsthand experience. If you want you can list their age group, as our experiences differ throughout our life cycle.

It is well known that people will believe a third party first. Testimonials work, and they help to build trust.

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Posted by: Signature Team on May 2, 2018