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The referral that makes you look good!

We know from experience that Property Management can be time consuming when performed along with real estate sales. Maintenance, phone calls, getting it leased, along with the monthly management of a property, on top of the numerous monthly activities real estate sales agents are already engage in.

Join PM-AR, our Property Management Agent Referral Program. Let us take care of your client, friend, or referred property owner for property management services. Join Signature Sales & Management and the Property Management Agent Referral Program and let us take care of everything.

We always ensure that each client’s needs are met, and that their property is protected and leased. That makes you look good, right?

Call to discuss how it can work for you – (951) 520-0058

Email: relations@951rents.com let us know how to contact you, and what the details of your referral are.

Who We Serve

  • Owners of Residential Property:
    • Homes
    • Condo’s
    • Townhomes
    • Multi-family Units

What We offer

  • Monthly Flat Fee Pricing – not a percentage of the rent
    • With flat fee pricing, as the rent rises the owners “Net” more
  • First month of property management is free, exclusive of Multi-family 5 units or more
  • A reputable and organized property manager with a full support staff specializing in operations, marketing, maintenance and legal compliance. It’s our core competencies that make the difference.

You can feel assured that when you follow up with your referral, they will be satisfied with our residential property management services. It is the referral that will make you look good.

Benefits to Agent for your kind Referral

  • We will make sure your referral is satisfied with our services
  • We will make sure that any real estate related questions, such as what is the current value of their property, or mentions of selling are sent to you to answer, so that you can maintain the Sales Agent status

Referral Fee for the Property Management Referral Fee Program

When you send us the referral and the client is comfortable with our services, you will receive the following referral fees:

  • $250 referral fee if they use us to place a tenant (Tenant Placement Services)
  • $350 if they use us to manage the property (paid after the 3rd month of management services)
  • All referral fees paid to Agents Broker

We refer the sale, or any real estate questions back to you, it’s that simple.

Call to discuss your referral and how it works – (951) 520-0058

Email: relations@951rents.com let us know how to contact you, and what the details of your referral are.

A property management referral program that makes you look good!