Guest or Tenant, who is liable for damages?

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Guest or Tenant ???

Ahhh the guest who is visiting, but is always there visiting month after month. Nice try but a property management company should protect its owner, and an owner should protect themselves. Sometimes as property managers, we have to draw the line, especially on behalf of our owners. Some of you might think because the rent is being covered it is ok to have a permanent guest. It really just comes down to damages and who is liable. It is always good to have all the tenants on the lease, as you will have more than 1 person to pursue unpaid rent and damages


Tenant Retention through Good Relationships

Tenant retention is one thing every owner strives to accomplish. Longevity equals profitability. Spending a couple bucks here and there, and or spending a little time to understand the needs of your tenants can create that profitable model over time. You can achieve this by building a better open relationship with your tenants. This small article will provide a great reason to form a professional relationship with your tenant, and offer a road map to profitable property management.

Do you have a relationship with your tenant?


Tenants Personal Property Lost or Abandoned, What’s The Difference?

Tenants Personal Property Lost or Abandoned, What’s The Difference?

There is a difference in lost or abandoned property. There is also a difference in what you need to do with personal property that is left behind by your tenant.

Watch this video and find out before it costs you.

How To Deal With Hoarding Tenants

How to Deal with Hoarding Tenants

So, you find yourself looking at your rental property much too late, and it has been trashed. This could be the cause of two things, a rhino, which would almost be impossible to get through a good screening process, or a hoarder tenant. Ahhh hoarder, this sounds like it might be it. Hoarders pose a danger to your property, but most importantly their own safety, and yes, sanitation, cleanliness and clean air for occupants. Hoarders are real and the damage they cause can be immense for an owner. Many times a hoarder can be screened, especially through a property management company who has professional screening tools. Our property management company in Corona CA, Signature Sales & Management, searches for items such as disturbance of neighbors, destruction of property, or any bad living or housekeeping habits. Remember hoarding is now a protected class, so be careful

In this article, we will read how to deal with a hoarder, and provide you with some insight, especially if it leads to an eviction.


5 Ways To Attract Tenants To Apply To Your Rental Property Ads

A rental property Ad can give an owner a great response, or one that is dismal, providing just a few tenants to choose from. This, of course, can make the decision-making process feel frustrating.  As a property management company in the Inland Empire, in Southern CA, we want a good amount of tenants to respond to our ad so that we have a good pool to choose from. With a larger amount of tenants to choose from, we can obtain what we feel are good quality tenants, that will stay in our rental property for the long term.

Here are 5 ways to attract tenants to apply to your rental property, to ensure a good response.


Property Managers and Landlords in the Inland Empire, Riddle Me this?

What is, or should be, just outside each sleeping room and should be on every level of the unit (house), including the basement?

Ok, tired from work and don’t want to guess, or are you thinking about it, the answer is not beer, or morning pancakes!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors is the answer and the Law! Landlords take notes, this applies to property management, rental management, and hotel/motel management. (more…)

What Makes Real Estate a Bad Investment

Real Estate Investing just got interesting. Real Estate has been a path to wealth for countless individuals, including our present commander-in-chief.  For many, owning rental property, specifically single family homes, is an accessible option for participating in this seemingly lucrative investment.  The potential downfalls however are often overlooked, and can be devastating.  Below are three of the most common pitfalls I see both new and experienced real estate investors making.


Property Management in Corona

Corona Property Market

Corona is a growing city filled with amazing people. According to, Corona has a median home price $447,800 with values going upward to 5.2%. They also state that the Corona Property Market is a hot market. (  Median rents are at $2450 ( As rents increase, it makes more sense to reevaluate your property management strategy to review property management companies with fixed or flat fee based pricing. When reviewing property management in Corona, we would like to be your first and only choice.