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We Offer Flat Fee, Affordable Options To Make Our Solutions Easy.

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Economy Package

$110 Flat Fee Per Month
Receive all the great services you would expect, 24/7 Maintenance, Accounting, Legal Compliance, In-Out Inspections and More…

Premium Package

$125 Flat Fee Per Month
Includes Preferred Extras such as Eviction Protection.
Our Eviction Protection pricing is still lower than paying a percentage through a competitor.

Most Popular

Get the 1st Month of Management Fees Free. With Flat Fee Pricing, as the rents rise, you “Net” More”.

Must Read Scenario:

Comparing property management fees alone won’t be of use in your quest to find the best management company for your needs.  Cheaper is not always better, in fact it almost never is.

It is our position however that the “fee” a management company charges is not particularly useful without more information. The ultimate question, and the one that matters most, is how much money will go into the owner’s pocket each year.

Consider a scenario where a property management company charges $100 per month.  If that management company then places a tenant paying $2,000 per month, the owner will receive $1,900 per month.  If another management company charges $120 per month, but gets a tenant that pays $2,100 per month, the owner will net $1,980 per month.

Maintenance costs also factor into the equation.  What if the management company pays more for vendor services?

What if they rent the property too fast? What if they select a tenant that causes damage to the property?

The point is, without more information, the fee a management company charges is really just a variable in the equation.

Our goal at Signature Sales and Management is to get our owners as much money, net of all costs, while at the same time preserving their investment.

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“They are working hard to protect my investment”
-Darrell W.