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  1. All COMPLETE applications will be screened in the order received. An application that is incomplete will be notified of missing items, and will not be screened until all information is received.
  2. The first screened tenant that meets the established criteria will be accepted. If that tenant declines the lease, the next complete application will be screened and/or accepted.
  3. Many times applicants do not complete their application and or do not provide us with everything we need, or we are waiting for co-applicants. Please do not think because you are not first, you will not be accepted. We are looking for the applicants with a complete application.

Items we will need for your Application Please Read:

Everyone who is over the age of 18 must fill out an application and provide the following:

  • Each Applicant must submit a government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID card etc.)
  • Each Applicant over 18 must submit the most current pay stubs that will cover a whole month of income. We are looking to review and calculate your monthly gross income. If you have not received all pay stubs for the current month you are applying in, please submit what you have, plus the complete past months pay stubs.
  • Example: if you are applying on July 10, and you are paid weekly or bi-weekly, and have not received all your pay for July yet, submit everything you have for July, and all pay stubs to cover the whole month of June, which is the previous month. If you are paid on the 1st and 15th, and you are applying on the day of July 20th. Then all we would need is the pay stubs for July 1st and 15th, since that will cover a whole month. Applicants may be asked to supply additional months’ pay stubs, or further proof of income should it be required. This may apply, but not limited to: commissioned sales positions, part time employees, those who have worked at their current position for less than 1 year, and on a case by case basis where a constant average monthly income is difficult to calculate

  • 3 months recent bank statements (2 previous consecutive months, plus the month you are applying in) Please highlight your income deposits on the statements
  • Please Provide Proof of any and all other income (Social Security Benefits, Retirement Accounts etc.). Proof can be submitting the benefits/award letter, bank statements, investment account statements, and or payee information. We ask that you provide highlighted coinciding deposits in bank statements

Any income stated, but cannot be proven as stated, will not be used.

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Self Employed

  • Please submit 2 years tax records, one must be current years taxes, and 6 months bank statements
  • Please highlight your deposits for your pay on each month bank statements
  • Any pay stubs or check cashed for previous months for your business where you are paid a commission, profit sharing etc.
  • Any Evictions on record for Co-Signer are an Automatic Denial

Failure to do the above can result in a delay in your application, as we will have to call you to collect them.

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Co-Signer Requirements and Criteria

  • All Co-Signers must fill out an application and be a responsible party on the lease
  • Co-Signer must qualify in their own, have a credit score over 660, no collections over $1000 and must also be in compliance with our criminal back ground criteria


Credit History

  • Minimum score 580 – Credit score of 579 or Lower Automatic Denial
  • If applicant doesn’t have a credit score it can be approved with a co-signer and or increased security deposit or both
  • An open Bankruptcy is an Automatic Denial
  • Discharged bankruptcy
    • Less than 2 years Automatic Denial
    • More than 2 years is ok
      • Approved with co-signer or increased security deposit or both
  • Accounts in Collection
    • It is ok to have accounts in collection
      • No more than $1000 in total collections or your application is an automatic denial
        • Medical and School Collections are an exception, however we review on a case by case basis
  • Evictions

    All Applicants must meet all requirements

    • Any and All Evictions will be an Automatic Denial

    Criminal Back Ground Criteria

    All Applicants must meet all requirements

    • Dishonesty/ fraud – Non-financial fraud/falsifying, false reports, perjury, identity theft, tax violations
    • Driving under the influence offenses – Heroin, methamphetamine, prescription, other hallucinogens, etc. (excluding marijuana)
    • Drug trafficking/ manufacturing – Heroin, methamphetamine, prescription, other hallucinogens, etc. (excluding marijuana)
    • Marijuana trafficking/ manufacturing of any drugs
    • Other crimes against persons – Assault, harassment, domestic violence, kidnapping, child abuse, endangerment
    • Other crimes against property – Animal cruelty, larceny, theft, burglary, arson, vandalism, graffiti, criminal trespassing
    • Other crimes against society – Solicitation, prostitution
    • Financial non-violent offenses – Embezzlement, money laundering, blackmail, bribery, bad/worthless checks
    • Non-violent offenses – Court issues (failure to appear, parole or probation violations), refusing to submit to testing, familial support violations
    • Sexual offenses – Rape, sodomy, child abuse (sexual in context), indecent exposure
    • Violent offenses – Murder, non-negligent manslaughter, aggravated assault, forcible rape, breaking and entering, robbery
    • Weapons offenses – Brandishing, concealed/carry violations, illegal possession

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